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18387 Northland Drive
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Habitat for Humanity is a non-profit charity. Building Homes for people in need.


Building Blitz - End of Day # 1

Melissa Jensen

What. A. Day! 

At the beginning of this morning, the lot looked very similar to how it's been for weeks - slab with no embellishments.


Then I came to drop off lunch - I was shocked!

Lunchtime Progress

Lunchtime Progress

Holy smokes! Those guys at Anchor Construction really knocked it out of the park. RD has a great group of guys.


Then I went after work to help clean up the site. AHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!


End of Day # 1

End of Day # 1

I think I squealed! I freaked out!! Wow!!! 

Check out my video! Enjoy the progress. If you are able to stop by, please do!