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Habitat for Humanity is a non-profit charity. Building Homes for people in need.


Painted walls!!


We are getting closer!!! We had an amazing crew of volunteers this last weekend and painted the whole house. We only have a little more painting to do. Thanks to Zack the flooring was delivered and will be installed soon!

Drywall is up!


The drywall has been hung. Now it’s time for taping and finishing. Soon painting will begin!

Great help from FSU Students TODAY!


Last Saturday some of the Ferris Construction and Criminal justice students came out to volunteer. They were able to install baffles in ceiling in preparation for the insulation. The siding was installed and almost done. On the 17th insulation will be blown in. Lots of progress thanks to our contractor and all our hard working volunteers! Thanks everyone!

Siding next


We have the roof on and some doors installed. We have the furnace and some plumbing installed as well. Our contractor and volunteers are working on putting up the facia and siding. Windows will be installed soon. It’s very exciting to see the progress! Check it out yourself on the corner of woodward and Bailey in Big Rapids.

Volunteer Orientation Day!


Volunteer Orientation Day!  This Saturday, June 23rd at 10 am. Learn about volunteer opportunities and how to sign up for them. You will be given instructions on how to stay safe on our work site and have the opportunity to meet our new partner family as well as our staff. If you have any questions please call 231-629-8700
Register TODAY!!
Learn how you can help us build a world where everyone has a decent place to live!

AirTime!! on B103.9


Jen, Zac and Barb were on B103.9 to promote our Annual golf outing.  If your interested in golfing or supporting the outing with a sponsorship visit:


Garage cleanup!


Before Jennifer's home build begins we need to clean the garage. Yes! A garage was already on the property that was donated to Mecosta County Habitat for Humanity for the new house. Jennifer and many volunteers cleaned out the garage in no time at all. Thank you for all the people that showed up to help!



More Pics of Melissa and Katherine's HOME


I'm obsessed. I can't even begin to describe what this Christmas means to me. Everything is different this year. This tree and this house are so beautiful. I could stare at this sight all day. I shoveled my driveway twice today. Loved every second.

House NO. 31 is complete!


Sorry there has been few post. All we can say is busy, busy, busy, all of us were to complete Melissa's house so her family could celebrate Christmas in their new home.  We did it! They are snug as a bug in their new home. Check out the photos. 


Speedy Summer

Melissa Jensen

WOW! Summer is flying by!

A short time ago, the lot looked like this...

June 2nd, 2016

June 2nd, 2016

Now we are looking at this!!!

July 18th, 2016

July 18th, 2016

I'm in such disbelief as to how far we've come on this house. We... *psh*. More like them! Jeff, George, RD and their crews have been so amazing in all the hard work they've done on the house. Tomorrow night, we're going to tour the house with our family and I'm pretty excited to show them how far it's gotten!

Next Wednesday, July 27th at 3pm, we will be having the house blessing. Short & Sweet little ceremony that I would love to see you at. Be there!!


Under Pressure

Melissa Jensen

I've always been a pretty self-sufficient person. When I was 4, I was able to read, get my own cereal, loved watching Dan Rather (my idol at the time), and was in love with Tom Selleck. When I was 8, I was able to make pancakes for my family, take care of my brother while we were home alone, and do dishes (if I was forced), and was in love with Kirk Cameron. When I was 13, I was able to make dinner for my family, babysit my cousins and family friends, read everything I could, do laundry and dishes. When I was 16, I took care of my recovering-from-surgery Grandma, doing everything she needed. By this age, I felt I was going to nail being a grown-up.

20 years later, I'm not feeling that way anymore. Some days I feel Super Single - a term my friends and I have coined for myself. A day where I can start a lawnmower, fix my friend's cable,  help move large objects, handle issues with credit card machines, design wedding invites. Some days I feel like I do today - inadequate, alone, tired. I'm struggling as a parent of my near-teenager. I'm struggling to stay motivated when I'm so tired of cleaning, working, going constantly. 

I know I'm not alone in this feeling. I'm sure every other single parent feels this way. I just want to know how they handle it. Thankfully, I'm in a good position to have a 3-day weekend ahead of me. Friday through Sunday, I'll have 2 family BBQ's, card games, hugs, laughs, ice cream, Lake Michigan, doggy snuggles. I am hoping all these things will refresh my tired mind.

Aside from my personal hubbub, the house work is coming along swimmingly well! They are all the way into putting up the insulation on the outside of the house. The gas lines were put in as well. Miss Katherine hosted a lovely video tour of the house after we spent a couple of hours cleaning up. We were hot and sweaty, but it's great to see all the wonderful work the volunteers and construction members have done!

Enjoy our video!