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A Brush With Kindness Application

Please note this application does not guarantee that Habitat will perform the repairs. The number of home repairs available is dependent upon organizational resources, funding and volunteer support.

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Homeowner's Name
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Home Phone
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Work Phone
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Cell/Other Phone
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Date of Birth
If you are a VFW or AMVET
Please note, prior application does not disqualify you from participation.
Include income received by/for each person in the household. Please send proof of income to: 18387 Northland Dr Big Rapids, MI 49307. Examples of proof of income: Tax returns, pay stubs, Social Security benefits.
Type of Work Needed *
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By submitting this form, the applicant hereby certifies all information provided in connection with this application is true and correct, and understands that any fraudulent or otherwise intentional misrepresentation may result in criminal and/or civil liability including fines, imprisonment and/or repayment of funds. Please enter your name below. This acts as your electronic signature.
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